reachReach, Grow, Send

In May 2015 we relaunched our vision as a Church to Reach out to our community and those who need to learn about and come to know Jesus, disciple and enable them to both Grow personally as Christians and together as an expression of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth and then to Send them out to do the Lord's work - whether that be full time ministry or voluntary work, helping out on a Sunday with children's work, mowing the grass in the churchyard or moving halfway around the world to undertake overseas mission.  All of these roles and many more contribute to living the way God wants us to!


"The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost" - Luke 19:10

At the very core of our DNA is our heart to reach our families, friends and community reached with the good news of the gospel. By serving others and expressing our faith through love our desire is to bring people to membership in the family of Jesus Christ


"planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish" - Psalm 92:13


As we seek to grow the life of our church family in order to reach more of our community with the Gospel we believe there is a need to take on 2 new workers to help us. Firstly we need a Youth & Children’s Pastor who can coordinate and lead our work reaching out to kids in our town, and also an Operations Manager who can help us to be more organised and get things done! The appeal for the new staff posts was launched by David, our vicar, and accompanied with a leaflet.  If you feel you'd like to find out more and support St Andrew's, please have a read, fill in the form and send it back to us, or get in touch with us through the form here on the 'Contact Us' section.


"Go and make disciples of all nations" - Matt 28:19


Everything we do as a church must support this purpose.We are a sent people! Jesus commanded his disciples to “go into all the world and make disciples.” It is therefore our mission as his disciples to continue on with this call until he returns. Our heart is to equip and resource all of our church family to reach others with the message of hope that only Jesus can bring. Whether that is the person next door or in the global mission field!