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Partner Organisations

 We work with a wide range of Christian Organisations - click the links below to find out more.
10 of Those - Online bookstore based right here in Leyland
North West Partnership - A group of churches in the North West who offer a training course and one off events to further local ministry
Christianity Explored - Course run throughout the year by St Andrew's, aimed at all who want to find out more about Jesus
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) - A charity who help people across the UK to ease poverty and debt by educating those affected and eliminating the root causes
Crosslinks - An international mission organisation rooted in the Bible

Christian outreach & mission organisations


In terms of overseas Christian outreach & mission organisations, St Andrew’s supports in particular the work of Crosslinks (with whom Paul Hunter and the Harkers are attached), the South American Mission Society (Ireland) (Gwen Carlisle), Africa Inland Mission (AIM) and Open Doors.