Safeguarding Policies

St Andrew's is committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk to worship and grow in Christ safely.Concerns about children, young people and adults at risk will be diligently and promptly responded to according to our procedures, recognising the sensitivity it may hold for those involved.

The Parochial Church Council of this church has adopted 'A Policy for Safeguarding in the Diocese of Blackburn’ - 
along with the Diocese’s ‘e-safety and Acceptable Use Policy’ -

These policies should be read alongside the following documents - 
Protecting all God’s children 2010 - 
Promoting a safe Church 2006 -
Practice Guidance: Safer Recruitment July 2016 -

Our Church's Safeguarding Officer is Rachel Green (call 01772 622964)

The Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor is Sharon Hassall (call 07711 485170)

In addition, there is a special helpline, the Listening Line number is: 0845 120 4553. This has been set up for those who have been affected either directly or indirectly by abuse in a church setting. The Helpline is staffed by the Church’s Child Protection Service (CCPAS) - an independent safeguarding charity and is available 7 days a week.  
Additional information is available below.

1. Safeguarding Policy
2. Blackburn Diocese e-Safety policy
3. Domestic Abuse Statement
4. Important Telephone Numbers
5. Parish Safeguarding Information
6. Safer Recruitment Policy
7. Personal Safety
8. First Aid Procedure
9. Fire Procedure
10. Health & Safety Policy
1. Reference Request Form
2. Volunteer Application Form
3. Volunteer Acceptance Letter
4. Driver Details Form
5. Sign In Register
6. PCC Off Site Permission Form
7. Off-site Risk Assessment 
8. Concern Form