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Sunday Service - Sunday 12th JulyPsalms

This Sunday we continue our new sermon series, looking at Psalms. We will be worshipping together, even though we can't physically be together in the same building, at 10.30am via our service online.

Please find below the service information, including song lyrics so you can follow and join in wherever you are, alternatively click here for the service sheet.

If you have one, it would be good to have a Bible close to hand, for the reading which is Psalm 91, or you can access the Bible reading online here

10.30am Sunday 12th July

Welcome and Introduction
Opening Prayer
Heavenly Father, for 800 years you have placed St Andrew's church in Leyland to make known the Good News of Jesus. May this year be a year of Church Celebration, as we give thanks for your unfailing goodness; of Community Engagement, as we work with our neighbours to bless our town; and Confident Evangelism, as we speak of Jesus in our generations. Amen.
Song: Lord For The Years
Lord for the years
Your love has kept and guided
Urged and inspired us cheered us on our way
Sought us and saved us pardoned and provided
Lord of the years
We bring our thanks today
Lord for that word
The word of life which fires us
Speaks to our hearts and sets our souls ablaze
Teaches and trains rebukes us and inspires us
Lord of the word
Receive Your people's praise
Lord for our land
In this our generation
Spirits oppressed by pleasure wealth and care
For young and old for commonwealth and nation
Lord of our land
Be pleased to hear our prayer
Lord for our world
When we disown and doubt Him
Loveless in strength and comfortless in pain
Hungry and helpless lost indeed without Him
Lord of the world
We pray that Christ may reign
Lord for ourselves
In living power remake us
Self on the cross and Christ upon the throne
Past put behind us for the future take us
Lord of our lives
To live for Christ alone
Timothy Dudley-Smith© 1976 Dudley-Smith, Timothy (Admin. by Oxford University Press)
ALL: Almighty God, our loving Father
we have sinned against you, in wrong things we have done, in loving other things more than you, and by living for ourselves rather than you. We are sorry. Please forgive us. We thank you for your Son, Jesus. that he gives us his perfection and takes our imperfection. Our trust is in him alone. Please change us by your Spirit, that we might do what is right, love you the most, and live for you this week.  Amen.

Kid’s slot
Bible Reading:- Psalm 91
Song: Christ will be my hideaway
I will dwell within the shelter
Of the God Who reigns above
I will rest beneath the shadow
Of the mighty King of love
Though a sickness hides in darkness
Though a plague destroys by day
I will stand upon His promises
Christ will be my hideaway
In You my God I trust
You are strong and here with us
In You my hope remains
Christ will be my hideaway

Angels gather to protect me
When they hear my Saviour call
Sovereign hands are ever ready
To uphold me should I fall
Safe beneath His wings of refuge
All my fears are kept at bay
I am shielded by His faithfulness
Christ will be my hideaway

Though a thousand fall around me
Though death looks me in the eye
Evil shall not have the vict'ry
While the Lord is at my side
God in power raised my Saviour
I no longer fear the grave
Through this fragile life and evermore
Christ will be my hideaway
Bob Kauflin | David Zimmer | Lacy Hudson | McKenzie Fuller | Nathan Stiff | Tim Chester
© 2020 Sovereign Grace Praise (Admin. by Integrity Music)
Closing Prayer

All songs reproduced with permission CCLI no. 2277
Registered Charity Number 1130863

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