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FAQ's During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Why are you suspending all our group meetings and Sunday services?

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have written a letter to all clergy (see it here). We’re wanting to protect the most vulnerable in our community at this time and still seek to love.

Sunday services

Our Sunday services will be streamed online at 10.30am each Sunday morning on our Facebook page here: and on our YouTube channel here:

Daily reflections

During this time, we’re going to be reading a book together called ‘To Seek and to Save’. It is a series of reflections on readings from Luke’s gospel. Copies will be available to collect from the office from Friday morning (20th March) or we’ll be dropping them round to people who are self-isolating.

Praying together

We also want to be praying together, and we’ve a number of different ways to do this - details to be announced.
We’ve also put together a little booklet of daily prayers to go with the readings from Luke’s gospel in the book above. Contact the office if you’d like a copy!

Keeping in touch

For those who are online, MyChurchSuite means you can keep in touch with church members easily. Why not lift the phone and see how someone’s doing, especially if you know they’re self-isolating or on their own?
If you’re part of our church family, you can join our Facebook group here


We want to ensure we’re loving one another and loving our neighbours well during this period. 
For church family, your first port of call will be your Growth Group - do please be looking out for one another during this period.

800 Years events

Clearly at the moment, things are changing very quickly. So whilst at the moment, all our plans are on hold, we hope to be able to make some more firm plans in the next couple of weeks.

Children & families’ ministry

Katy and the team are working hard to prepare materials to allow families to worship together on a Sunday morning. She is adapting our Sunday club material and will be sending it out soon.

Resources for during this time

Hope Beyond Coronavirus

Click here to read a piece by Roger Carswell