Digging Deeper

Starting in March, we have a number of great opportunities coming up for helping us connect the good news of Jesus with our everyday lives. For Lent (from the beginning of March up to Easter), our Growth Groups are going to take a little pause from meeting weekly, and we're going to have a number of other opportunities for helping us to grow as Christians. We're calling these 'Digging Deeper' - they are basically Lent courses to help us grow as Christians.

Read more about the each of the topics below (watch the trailers too!) and please sign up via the links if you want to come along.

Digging Deeper: Bible Overview - Wednesday evenings from 6th March.

Mark Pickles, the new director of the North West Partnership is going to join us to lead a Bible Overview track. How does the whole Bible fit together? What's the Old Testament all about?
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Watch this video to see what Mark has planned for the Digging Deeper: Bible overview sessions

Digging Deeper: Parenting - Wednesday evenings from 6th March

Katy Turner (together with Jim and Ruth Bird) are going to lead a track on parenting called the 'Gospel Centred Family'. It's not about how the gospel fits into Christian family life, but how family life should fit into the gospel. Becoming the parents God wants you to be!
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Watch this video to see what Katy has planned for the Digging Deeper: Parenting sessions -


Digging Deeper: Real Change - Tuesday evenings from 5th March

Matt Cook is going to lead the 'Real Change' course. Real Change is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the gospel changes us from the inside out – anyone who wants to take a look at what is going on in their heart and grow with God's help to see Real Change.
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Digging Deeper: Help! I'm busy! - Thursday evenings from 7th March

Duncan Bell is running a track on busyness! Do you say 'yes' to requests when you really mean to say 'no'? Do you feel guilty about the size of your email inbox, or trapped by your 24/7 lifestyle? Whilst we'll think about some practical help for busyness, this track will seek to help us deal radically with the things that are driving us, and see how the good news of Jesus is good news for busy people!
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Watch this video to see Duncan explain a little bit mote about the Digging Deeper: Help! I'm busy! sessions