Our GriefShare group is for anyone who has lost a loved one, whether recently or not. See more details about the course below, and please contact our Church Office (phone: 01772 622964) to see when the course is running and let us know that you would like to come along.

More details about GriefShare - 
At various stages of life we will all suffer the death of a loved one. How we react to that experience will be different for all of us and our experience of grief is never the same from one person to another. GriefShare is a support group for such times.
After the funeral, the cards have stopped coming, most people around you have returned to their normal lives, but for you it isn't a time of normality. Often family and friends try to help but are at a loss to know how.
That's why GriefShare exists.
Our group is led not by experts in counselling, but by people who care, and, having experienced grief for themselves have managed to rebuild their lives.
We've been there so, although your grief will be individual to you, we understand something of what you are going through, having been in the same place. We would love to walk with you through what can often be a long path, through grief, toward healing and hope for the future
GriefShare is a support group that meets sometimes weekly and in what we hope is a warm, caring environment that will provide an 'oasis' on your journey.
There are three parts to the GriefShare experience:
1. A video seminar, information packed videos featuring leading grief recovery experts, most of whom have also shared an experience of losing a loved one.
2. Support group, small group discussion about the weekly video content. You are never forced to speak and may just want to listen to other members comments.
3. Workbook. Some personal study exercises to help you work through the weekly session and reinforce the topics dealt with.
Topics include:
- Is this normal?
- The journey of grief
- Challenges of grief
- Grief and your relationships
- Guilt and Anger
- Why?
- Complicating factors
- What do I live for now?
The groups follow a 13 week cycle which you can join at any point as each session is self contained, so you needn't follow them in sequence, you can always catch up any you've missed on the next 13 week cycle.
A few comments from people who've been through the GriefShare experienced
"A safety net when my world was falling apart"
"The permission I needed to let grief happen"
"I thought it might be depressing, but honestly it felt good to know I am not alone"
"You find out you're not crazy"
"I felt safe and loved"