Seven Minutes with God

If you would like to grow in your friendship with God, how about beginning each day with God, reading a bit of his word (the Bible) and praying to him?

Pick up the card at the back of church entitled ‘How to have a daily prayer time: 7 minutes with God’, as an aid and download the monthly sheets from our Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary page below as a guide to which passages to read daily.
Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary section

March - June 2018
As you read the Psalms think about these 3 Big Questions:
1. What does this tell me about God? Why do I need to hear this?
2. What does tell me about myself, or about others I know? How should what I find here change the way I think or act today?
3. How does this Psalm anticipate God’s great coming King - Jesus?

Week 4
Mon 23rd Psalm 85:9-13 - Love and truth together
Tue 24th Psalm 86:1-7 - You are my God
Wed 25th Psalm 86:8-13 - Teach me your way
Thu 26th Psalm 86:14-17 - But you, Lord
Fri 27th Psalm 87 - Home sweet home
Mon 30th Psalm 88:1-9 - The lowest pit

Week 1
Tue 1st Psalm 88:10-18 - Darkness, my closest friend
Wed 2nd Psalm 89:1-8 - How great is our God!
Thu 3rd Psalm 89:9-18 - How powerful and good is our God?
Fri 4th Psalm 89:19-26 - The King God raised up

Week 2
Mon 7th Psalm 89:27-37 - Is God still committed to the King?
Tue 8th Psalm 89:38-45 - But it doesn’t look that way!
Wed 9th Psalm 89:46-52 - Praying your disappointments
Thu 10th Psalm 90:1-4 - You are God - forever!
Fri 11th Psalm 90:5-12 - Teach us to number our days

Week 3
Mon 14th Psalm 90:13-17 - The love that will not fail
Tue 15th Psalm 91:1-4 - In the fortress, under the wings
Wed 16th Psalm 91:5-13 - You will not fear
Thu 17th Psalm 91:14-16 - Loving God
Fri 18     Psalm 92:1-4 - I sing for joy

Week 4
Mon 21st Psalm 92:5-9 - Seeing what others don't
Tue 22nd Psalm 92:10-15 - Flourishing
Wed 23rd Psalm 93 - Mightier than…?
Thu 24th Psalm 94:1-10 - Injustice
Fri 25th Psalm 94:11-15 - Who’s in charge?

Week 5
Mon 28th Psalm 94:16-23 - But the Lord...
Tue 29th Psalm 95:1-4 - Come, let us sing!
Wed 30th Psalm 95:5-7 - Come, let us bow down!
Thu 31st Psalm 95:8-11 - Come, let us listen!

Week 1
Fri 1st Psalm 96:1-9 - Worship: no private affair
Mon 4th Psalm 96:10-13 - When God comes
Tue 5th Psalm 97:1-5 - God: perfect in holiness
Wed 6th Psalm 97:6-9 - God: over all
Thu 7th Psalm 97:10-12 - God: faithful to his people
Fri 8th Psalm 98:1-6 - Marvelling at what God has done

Week 2
Mon 11th Psalm 98:7-9 - Creation joins in!
Tue 12th Psalm 99:1-5 - God: no-one like him
Wed 13th Psalm 99:6-9 - God: relationship
Thu 14th Psalm 100 - Come before him
Fri 15th Psalm 101 - The ideal to pray for

Week 3
Mon 18th Psalm 102:1-11 - Hear my prayer!
Tue 19th Psalm 102:12-17 - Dear to God
Wed 20th Psalm 102:18-22 - The Lord WILL
Thu 21st Psalm 102:23-28 - Your years will never end
Fri 22nd Psalm 103:1-5 - Remember your benefits!

Week 4
Mon 25th Psalm 103:6-12 - Undeserved love
Tue 26th Psalm 103:13-18 - The perfect Father
Wed 27th Psalm 103:19-22 - Praise the Lord!
Thu 28th Psalm 104:1-4 - God: clothed with splendour
Fri 29th Psalm 104:5-9 - An ordered creation