Seven Minutes with God

If you would like to grow in your friendship with God, how about beginning each day with God, reading a bit of his word (the Bible) and praying to him?

Pick up the card at the back of church entitled ‘How to have a daily prayer time: 7 minutes with God’, as an aid and download the monthly sheets from our Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary page below as a guide to which passages to read daily.
Notices, Newsletter & Prayer Diary section

November 2017
As you read the Psalms think about these 2 big questions:
1. How do these verses point forward to Jesus, God’s greater King? 
2. How do these verses help me to trust, love and obey Jesus, so that I can face the day today?
Week 1
Mon 30th October Psalm 66:1-7 Great in power
Tues 31st Oct Psalm 66:8-12 Through manny dangers
Wed 1st Nov Psalm 66:13-20 What He has done for me
Thurs 2nd Nov Psalm 67:1-7 God's blessing
Fri 3rd Nov Psalm 68:1-6 He sets the lonely in families
Sat 4th Nov Psalm 68:7-18 The Gid who goes out
Week 2
Mon 6th Psalm 68:19-27 Little Benhamin leads
Tues 7th Psalm 68:28-35 As you have done before
Wed 8th Psalm 69:1-6 Hated
Thurs 9th Psalm 69:7-12 Insulted
Fri 10th Psalm 69:13-18 Waiting
Sat 11th Psalm 69:19-21 Helpless
Week 3
Mon 13th Psalm 69:22-28 - Blot them out!
Tue 14th Psalm 69:29-33 - The Lord hears the needy
Wed 15th Psalm 69:34-36 - Seeing a different future
Thu 16th Psalm 70:1-5 - Do not delay!
Fri 17th Psalm 71:1-6 - Rock of refuge
Sat 18th Psalm 71:7-18 - Even when I am old!
Week 4
Mon 20th Psalm 71:19-24 - Who is like you?
Tue 21 Psalm 72:1-7 - A great king
Wed 22 Psalm 72:8-14 - All nations
Thu 23 Psalm 72:15-20 - The end of David’s prayers
Fri 24th Psalm 73:1-3 - Slipping feet
Sat 25th Psalm 73:4-9 - Laying claim to heaven!?
Week 5
Mon 27th Psalm 73:10-14 - Is it all in vain?
Tue 28th Psalm 73:15-17 - Remember the final destiny
Wed 29th Psalm 73:18-20 - Dreamland
Thu 30th Psalm 73:21-23 - Yet, God